Want to learn more about our cultural education services?


Our fun filled workshops provide hands-on experience learning traditional art forms and practices such as weaving, gathering, carving and tool making. To explore more workshop opportunities or schedule one, please contact us. 

Guided Tours

Our unique tours take participants on an educational and historical journey through the lands of culturally significant areas of Oregon’s first people’s traditional highways in a canoe.


Our culturally appropriate and respectful trainings strive to inform, cultivate understanding and create respectful dialogue around past and present native life. Trainings can be tailored to audiences from preschool-aged, youth and up.

Tribal Consultations

We are happy to provide a creative, outside the box approach to incorporate respectful and culturally sensitive elements into current and future projects and endeavors. Through skilled problem solving and a highly imaginative  cultural lens, we can develop the best way to infuse culture into your work.