Agency Creek Expressions

Living culture through traditional art, teaching & building a stronger community.

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Share Native Knowledge. Strengthen Native Community. Express Native Culture.

We work with tribal members of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Intuitively, we find new ways to further cultural knowledge in a way that’s exciting and accommodates different learning styles.

We take great care in the planning involved with implementing events, teaching classes, visiting elders and inspiring youth. Our creative approach makes cultural education a positive experience and provides opportunities to form meaningful connections in the process. By learning about our culture together and inspiring others, we believe we can strengthen our tribal community. 

Projects that focus on tribal culture and craftsmanship such as weaving, carving, handmade jewelry, hats, spoons, paddles and rattles.

Workshops, trainings, and guided tours that educate participants about tribal history, values, culture, language, and traditional and contemporary art.

Services that integrate tribal traditions into special events that can raise awareness of tribal culture and diversity.

Services for tribal and non-tribal government entities and nonprofits that seek to incorporate tribal culture and traditions into their own activities.

Interested in ordering from me?

In addition to building canoes, Agency Creek Expressions crafts other native artifacts. Orders are custom. Please fill out our order inquiry form and we’ll get back to you with more information and details.